Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd

  • 142g (5oz)Pure Carmarthenshire Welsh wild blossom honey
  • Welsh Honey
  • A light subtle honey with an excellent flavour, this is full of blossom,
  • Ingredients: 100% unpasteurised honey from our own bees located in Carmarthenshire
  • 2017 & 2018 Great Taste 2 Star Award Winning; described by judges as 'A truly special honey'

"..A delightful floral honey with very appealing soft primrose yellow colour. Pollen grains evident which adds further interest. A sweet but also citrus aroma to delight. The varied flavour profiles of floral, citrus but with the very gentle touch of bitterness from possibly Ivy which helped all the other flavour develop and left a pleasing tongue tingling sensation in the mouth. A truly special honey." Judge, Great Taste Awards, 2018 

Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd honey is one of Wales' highest rated honey having won 2 Great Taste Stars 2017 and 2018