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Planalto da Bahia is a large plateau located into Caatinga’s biome, which characterised by being very arid with high temperatures and very little precipitation per year. This biome covers a big part of northeast side of Brazil. Planalto da Bahia is an oasis in the middle of this semi arid land, with higher altitude where the climate pattern is cooler and wetter. Coffee arrived in this region about 45 years ago and since then it remains a very important product within the region. The moist microclimate affects coffee trees behavior, production cycle, harvesting, processing methods and post harvest care. The extended rainy season means that trees have multiple flowerings and therefore harvesting must be done selectively rather than the ‘one and done’ style used in other parts of Brazil.

This washed Brazilian coffee comes from Edson Wanderlan Mascarenhas and his farm Fazenda Formosa which is located within the limits of Poções’ town at heart of Planalto da Bahia plateau. Besides the favourable micro climate, 'Wanderlan' believes that what makes his coffees unique is the process; ripe cherries are manually and selectively picked, then cleaned, washed and de-pulped, after that parchment goes to fermentation tanks where it remains for 24 hours to clean off the mucilage without the risk of undersireable fermentation. After the washing process, the parchments are taken to be dried outside the farm in a different region called “caatinga” – a predominant biome in this region – where it almost never rains, the air moisture is low and temps remain above 30C degrees.