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Pasta Bolognese (Serves 6)


Box Includes

Pork Mince 500g

Lilos Handmade Rigatoni Dried Pasta 500g

Lilos Handmade Bolognese Sauce 500ml

Calon Wen Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese 



Serves 6

  1. Put a big saucepan on medium heat and add a dash of olive oil
  2. Dice one onion and add to the pan, cook for a few minutes until softened (if you wanted to add other veg then do so now, such as mushroom or courgettes)
  3. Turn the heat up, remove the mince from the packaging, and cook in the pan with the onions for 5 minutes until browned 
  4. Add the bolognese sauce (500ml) to the pan, and let it simmer 
  5. Meanwhile, cook the pasta as per instructions on the pack
  6. Drain the pasta and stir it into the sauce
  7. Serve with a grating of Calon wen cheese, mwynhewch