Pork in a Day


Myrddin Heritage Pork in a day

Join Owen on our Pork in a day course and learn how to butcher, produce sausages and cure your own bacon. This Pork in a day course is great if you’re planning to butcher your own pig, produce preservative free sausages and cure back and streaky bacon. 

Having set up Myrddin Heritage in 2018, we've grown from a hobby business to supplying a number of restaurants and delis across South Wales with our own free range pork, as well as having over 1,500 customers on our website.

At Myrddin Heritage we produce a range of fresh cut pork products, including sausages and bacon. We currently produce on a monthly basis and make everything fresh to order.


Here's what you'll learn:


In the barn:

The day will start with a hi from us and refreshments. The first half of the day will be based in our barn where we will go through all the basics to get you started. We will cover many topics including; 

  • Dealing with an abattoir 
  • Environmental Health requirements 
  • Marketing your own produce 


Break for a Smallholding lunch 🤠


At the unit:

In the afternoon we will be at our 5* processing unit. This will be hands on…

  • Butchering pork primals 
  • Mincing and mixing ingredients to make sausages 
  • Twisting your own sausages 
  • Demonstration on curing bacon 


You’ll be taking some sausages and bacon home with you after completing the course :)



10am start until approximately 4pm. 



No worries here 



We know things can come up, so if we receive 7 days notice, a 100% refund will be made. Unfortunately under 7 days wouldn't give us time to fill your position at our course therefore we will be unable to refund your course fee.