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Minimum order £20 / All meat products freshly made to order and can be frozen. Next delivery, 13th June 2024

Our Story


The beginning

We are Owen & Tanya and together we run Myrddin Heritage in Llandysul, West Wales.

Our journey began in 2013, when Tanya bought me two pet pigs for my 23rd birthday. A couple of years later, in 2015, we decided that office jobs definitely weren’t for us, and we wanted to pursue a career in pig farming because we’d grown to love the animals so much.


Neither of us came from farming backgrounds or had any knowledge of farming – we definitely considered ourselves ‘townies’! – so we jetted off to Australia to gain experience on pig farms down under.

Working across 3 different farms we learnt as much as we could, from fencing, to how to breed and look after pigs, and how to produce pork and sell the products.

We returned home to Wales in 2017, armed with a plan and a passion to turn our dream into a reality. For us, there was no turning back.

Myrddin Heritage

After finding a small holding here in Rhos, Llandysul we started our business and now rear a variety of free range, slow-growing Saddleback pigs. A traditional breed which does really well outside.

Our vision was to use natural ingredients and ensure everything was free of preservatives. For us, the most important thing is ensuring we keep to the old traditions, which is hand-making our products at our own premises and using natural ingredients.

But we also try to show what happens behind the scenes via social media and our YouTube channel, because I think it is important that customers can see where their food comes from.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to change the way we work, as we used to sell to restaurants only but we have now set up Myrddin Heritage & Friends. Back in March 2020 Tanya developed our new website offering our range of pork products along with other artisan Welsh products from local producers. 

Our delivery day is the second Thursday of the month. We made the change from weekly deliveries due to rising costs.