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Next Delivery Day 8th of December

Delivery and T&Cs



MH & Friends delivery

SA & CF Postcode area

We make deliveries once a month in the SA or CF postcode area. One of the MH team will deliver your order on a Thursday. Free delivery on orders over £20. Deliveries will be made between 10am and 7pm. If you're hard to find please leave instructions for our drivers, they will be very grateful. 

Don't forget we make everything fresh to order so that all our products can be frozen.

Here are the delivery dates for the rest of the year: 

        14th July  -  11th August  -  8th September  -  13th October  -  

        10th November  -  8th December  -  22nd December


If you have any questions please get in touch with us, happy shopping.

Tanya & Owen