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Minimum order £20 / All meat products freshly made to order and can be frozen. Next delivery, 13th June 2024

The Process

How our products reach your door

The animals

Before any orders or deliveries, our number one job is looking after our animals 365 days a year. This includes pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens and ducks

Abattoir run

The week before deliveries, I take our animals to the abattoir. This would either be Maesteg or Tregaron.

Because we haven't reached our deadline for orders yet, we send the animals guessing what orders are going to be. We're usually pretty close

Order deadline (Midnight Sunday)

We make our products to order, once a month. Once we've reached the cut off, the following morning Tanya and I sit down and run the reports to see what needs to be made for delivery on Thursday.

Then it's all systems go...

The making

Between Monday morning and Thursday morning, we'll spend most of our time at our 5* processing unit in Llanpumsaint.

We'll be making all sorts of products from Sausage meat to jars of lard and also curing loins, bellies and legs of pork in readiness for the following month.

Tanya also gets in touch with our 'Friends' to order any of their products which we've sold through our website.

Once Thursday morning comes, all the products should have been made and vac packed, so it now comes down to boxing, which takes around 4 hrs.

Just before hitting the road, I go and meet the Crwst delivery driver to collect the bread we've sold (The bread was freshly made that morning)