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Spring is the time of rebirth, renewal and awakening of nature and life. Trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth. begin this harmonious season with our 2023 edition of Bloom, a blend developed to produce fresh, floral notes of elderflower, damson and turkish delight.

The coffee takes its name from the Kii River. The cold, fresh and fast-flowing water comes directly from the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya and is the source of the water used to wash the coffee. Kirinyaga is known for its excellent coffee, which is grown on fertile volcanic slopes at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,900 metres above sea level. The Kii Coffee Factory was founded in 1954 and is part of the Rung’eto FCS Cooperative. The community benefits from integrated farming and a continuous cash flow. There is also a support programme to improve cultivation methods.

Kirasa Washing station is situated right next to the Kirasa River in Burundi. Kirasa is part of the newly formed Akawa project which was created to help producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way. Producers, striving for fairer remunerations and better living conditions, demanded a path towards prosperity which the project's goals strive to meet. Traditionally coffee produced at Kirasa was only washed, but this time Emile and his team implemented a natural process. Special care is taken with sorting and drying on raised beds to produce a clean and sweet cup.